Christmas Appeal 2023

As we approach the festive season, we launch our appeal for annual donations for our children and young people. Christmas can be a challenging time with its huge emphasis on the family unit. This can have an unintended side effect on people without a family who feel more alone and isolated than usual.

This year we have a number of ways in which you can support our children and young people:

Christmas Wishing Tree

Our children and young people need us to meet not only their emergency needs but to provide normal experiences of childhood, such as the simple joys of a Christmas gift that they would really love and which gives personal meaning to the festivities.

You can either select a cash donation for the value of a particular gift, which we will then purchase in time for Christmas and/or purchase a gift card which allows our children and young people to enjoy participating in fun activities, such as going to the movies.

You can purchase a gift voucher from JB Hi-Fi, Rebel Sports, Kmart, Big W, Priceline / Sephora, EB Games, Westfields and a Myer or David Jones voucher and email it to us to at:

It is through these events that we can enrich the lives of children and young people who would otherwise – and in many ways do – go without.

Support young people this Christmas
Christmas Wishing Tree

Monetary donations

Alternatively, monetary donations which can be used by our dedicated staff to fulfil the wishes of our young people on your behalf is also hugely welcome. If you would like, you could make a donation for the value of one or several gifts online or by direct debit into our donation bank account. Simply click on the donate button on the right of this page.

Monetary donations may also be used to provide the more basic needs such as education support, internet access, reading glasses, swimming lessons, school supplies, course fees, driving lessons, crisis support and so much more.

So, before you finalise your Christmas shopping, please consider a thoughtful gift that supports our young people. Often these gifts are the only gift that a young person will receive at Christmas and the joy that it brings is immeasurable.

Christmas fundraising update

Christmas Fundraising Campaign 2022

A quick update on our Christmas Fundraising Campaign. As you probably know, we aimed to raise money for our Youth Development Fund as well as fulfill the gift wishes of our young people.

As always, our community was incredibly generous with the supply of gifts, vouchers and cash,, all of which goes directly to the children and young people in our care.

As our organisation continues to grow and the number of young people in our care too, your support is more important than ever. YOU, make a huge difference to the vulnerable young people in our care.

Below is a glimpse into who made Christmas 2022 possible, there are so many more behind the scenes.

In total the value of the gifts, vouchers and cash reached $29,870. With more than 100 children and young people to shop for, we were able to bring many smiles on Christmas morning. Gifts were delivered by our very own elves, who also deserve huge credit for their tireless work making sure that each and every young person had a special Christmas.

Thank you so, so much to our amazing community for making moments like this happen – you guys are amazing! We look forward to another year making things happen with you by our side!!

We acknowledge the Aboriginal people of the Cadigal and Gayamaygal Clans. We acknowledge the Country on which we live, work, and gather as being Aboriginal land.

We acknowledge the lands, waterways and skies that are connected to Aboriginal people. We honour them and pay our deepest respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.

We respect their rightful place within our communities, and we value their ancient cultural knowledge and practices.

Aboriginal Flag
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We deeply respect that this will always be Aboriginal land and we will honour and follow the first peoples’ values in caring for the Country and for preserving their culture.

We deeply value that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are the oldest living culture in the world and we will continue to work with their peoples and communities to ensure their cultures endure and remain strong.