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Have you ever thought about becoming a Burdekin Foster Carer?

Have you ever thought about becoming a foster carer?

Being a Carer with The Burdekin Association is different from the traditional foster care programs.

We are a community-based non-profit organisation with lots of different housing options, including a rent-free home for you and the child, generous carer allowance, ongoing training and continued support. Singles, couples and families are ALL welcome!  

Are you ready?

Do you want to take the next step and make a difference to a child’s life?  For more information, call Sarah on 02 8976 1777 or email

Check out what Burdekin Foster Carers and young people in care have to say.

Have a listen to what Beth and Ange have to say about being Foster Carers with Burdekin. Beth and Ange.

Have a listen to what a difference having a caring home made to CJ. CJ

Have a listen to what being Foster Carers has meant to Jill and Tom. Jill and Tom.

Please visit our Carer pages to find out more – Becoming a Foster Carer and Live-in Foster Carer FAQ’s.

Have you ever considered becoming a foster carer?

Lisa* is a kind, thoughtful 11-year-old girl with loads of energy, looking for a loving home in the Inner West of Sydney. Lisa loves gymnastics, dancing and has recently shown a lot of interest in AFL. Lisa will be making the transition to high school next year and may need help getting to and from her new school. Lisa loves school but sometimes needs some support with her homework. She loves structure and routine and goes to bed at the same time every night.  Lisa is an amazing chef – her favourite things to make are smoothies and cupcakes.
*Image and name has been changed to protect child’s identity.

Foster carers needed Inner West, Northern Sydney, Eastern Suburbs and South East Sydney - can you help?

Ricky* is a caring, funny, smart 12-year-old boy who is full of energy and is hoping for a warm and loving home in the Inner West of Sydney. Ricky* absolutely loves NRL and has recently taken a huge interest in his fitness – going to the local park for running and circuit training. He has recently learnt to follow recipes and cooks up a storm. Ricky* takes so much pride in his bedroom. Ricky* enjoys school and sometimes will need some support with his assignments. Ricky* responds positively to a structured but fun environment.
*Image and name have been changed to protect child’s identity.

Please call us if you think you can offer a home to a young person

Keeping siblings together in foster care is vital to keep their close bond and connection rather than being split up. Burdekin currently have young teenage siblings who urgently need carers available to offer them a safe and nurturing home. 

Learn more about being a foster carer, hear real stories about what it is like to be a foster carer with us

At The Burdekin Association we know many teenagers are in need of a safe, secure, nurturing home and that many people won’t consider fostering teenagers because of negative misconceptions about them.  

Fostering a teenager provides young people with a consistent, nurturing, adult role model at a vital time in their life, allowing them to build up necessary steps to independence.

You do not need to have had your own teenagers or have had experience with teenagers. What you do need to have is an open heart to support young people who need to be loved and protected.

We are looking for individuals from all sorts of backgrounds and experiences, who are single or in a relationship – all are welcome and encouraged to become foster carers.

Don’t forget, if you would like more information please give Sarah on 02 8976 1777 a call, email or visit our website to find out more – Becoming a Foster Carer and Live-in Foster Carer FAQ’s.

Inner West Foster Carers Needed

Are you ready to help a young person in need?

Ever thought about becoming a Foster Carer? We are always looking for Foster Carers and currently particularly in the Inner West/South East, Eastern Region of Sydney.

Being a Carer with The Burdekin Association is different from traditional foster care with lots of different options and huge support! Are you ready to make a difference to a young persons life?

Foster Carers are part of a support team that work with our young people (aged 9-18 years) enabling them towards independence.

We can even provide a home for you and the young person – rent free – or you can live in your own home with the young person. You must live in the Inner West/South East, Eastern region of Sydney for this particular call out.

For more information please contact Sarah: 02 8976 1777 or

We are looking for Foster Carers in the Inner West/South East, Eastern region of Sydney.

Christmas 2020 and Carers

The Burdekin Association

It is almost Christmas – a typical family time when some of our young people feel intensely isolated and lonely. Christmas evokes images of happy times spent with family and friends and it can hit children and young people in care hard as it shows up what they are lacking. We, of course, try really hard to make it a special time for the young people in our care, with presents and extra attention.

The Youth Support Fund

This is where you come in. We wish to raise money this Christmas to provide young people with the opportunity to access a fund they apply to for items that make a difference in their lives. It could be new shoes for an interview, a laptop to study online, swimming lessons for their child or a moving in pack for a new residency. We believe it is important to support young people’s independence and provide them with choices they would experience in a family context as well. Please take a look at our Christmas 2020 Appeal and our Youth Support Fund and see if you can help in any way. You might like to organise your own Christmas fundraising event and nominate Burdekin as the beneficiary! If you can, please donate to the Youth Support Fund!

Live-in Foster Carers

We have vacancies and need Live-In Foster Carers in the Inner West, Eastern and South East Sydney. Please have a look at our Carers page, our Carers FAQ page and our Meet Our Carers page and see if this is something you or someone you know may be interested in. If it’s not for you, please share this link with someone you think would be a great fit for Burdekin.

Simone is 15 and one of 7 children. She has lived with her aunt and uncle since she was 5 but her behaviour has become unsettled this year.

She was suspended from school for rudeness to teachers. Following this, her aunt and uncle have said they can no longer care for her. Simone is remorseful and is looking to make a fresh start with a welcoming family. Simone is waiting for someone to welcome her into their home. Could this be you giving her a second chance?