Strategic Plan


Strategic Plan 2021-2024: 'Our Shared Future'

Growth involves change and transformation, for Burdekin this means renewing and reimagining our Vision, Purpose, Values and Strategy for the future after expanding into new territory. 

We have taken an imaginative, responsive and determined approach to help young people reach their full potential.

We’re investing more in building capability and promoting growth within our people and clients… so that they’re more confident, resilient and better equipped to fulfil their potential.

We’re investing more in cultivating relationships, partnerships and collaborations… so that more stakeholders can participate in and contribute to realising our Vision.

We’re investing more in improving our systems, technologies, processes and platforms… so that we’re more efficient, productive, and better able to create and deliver value for all of our supporters.

Download a copy of "Our Shared Future" here: Our-Shared-Future