Educational Inclusion Pays Off


You can change lives by making a tax-deductible donation.

69% of the children and young people who come to us are unable to participate effectively in learning provided through the education department due to their personal situation.

These children do not fit into the education system and are falling or have already fallen behind. 

The Association of Children's Welfare Agencies 2017 Snapshot Report into the educational engagement of children and young people in care in NSW found that one in five NSW students in care were absent from school. The reasons provided for the high rate of absence by students in care included ill health, suspension, chronic disengagement and expulsion.

With a relatively modest investment you can help young people receive an education and reach their full potential.

We need to raise funds to employ two full time Educational Specialists for the Burdekin Association Learning Space to go the extra mile.

The total cost of employing our Education Specialists based in the Northern Sydney region and the Inner West in full time roles for one full year is: $180,000*

The cost to re-engage one young person in education is $7,500. Funds raised will pay for the support of at least 24 young people. This is based on a 31 hour work week for one Education Specialist.

For more information about the campaign: "Educational Inclusion Pays Off" and why your help is needed click below:


We decided to be proactive and offer client centred education to young people within our various services. Our aim is to establish a positive and safe learning environment that caters to the individual’s needs, abilities and preferences leading to academic success.

Education Specialist

The Education Specialist position supports children and young people in Out of Home Care as well as particularly disadvantaged, yet very engaged young people in our other programs. The Burdekin Association's vision is to ensure any child or young person who wants to be educated will have that opportunity, also our Education Specialist helps them to realise their full potential and reach their goals.

Positive Developments

12 children/young people have been directly supported thus far by the Education Specialist with a further 6 young people being placed on a waiting list.


  • 31 hours each week of timetabled one-on-one teaching/assessment with children and young people (12-18) who previously were disengaged with school for extended periods of time.
  • Development of a Homework Plan.
  • Development of an At Home Learning Plan.
  • Advocacy and support for the young person at TAFE.
  • Engagement, advocacy and support for 3 Individual Education Plans for school-based meetings.
  • One young person achieving their Year 10 Certificate and moved into Year 11. Prior to the Education Specialist coming on board this young person was not expected to finish year 10.


Our two Education Specialists have achieved a lot in a short time with our young people. Please read more about how engagement in our Learning Space is impacting our young people here.


Each year we are asking for your support to provide targeted and client-centred education in leading our young people to academic success. Whilst we are funded to provide the core requirements of shelter, food, clothing, pocket money, phone credit and other essential items, we require additional funding to provide targeted educational support for the children and young people who are unable to engage in their local school but excel when provided customised support.


We have created a comprehensive proposal with a complete outline of the project including case studies. View our proposal here.

Make a tax-deductible gift - this is what we can achieve:


$150 will pay for one hour of educational support for one young person. This includes all costs involved in running the Learning Space.


$1,550 will pay for one week at an average of 31 hours of educational support for 12 young people. (31 x $50).


$7,500 will pay for re-engagement of one young person in education for one year.

For example 150 donations of $50 = $7500 or 15 donations of $500 = $7500 or 5 donations of $1500 = $7500.


$90,000 will pay to employ one education worker full time for one year.

For example, 1800 donations of $50 or 9 donations of $10,000 = $90,000.

* dollar figures are rounded up to the next highest amount, hence don't exactly add up to the total funding sought. If we raise more funds we will be able to employ more Education Support Workers.

Research shows that Educational Inclusion Pays Off:

  • Inclusion - education improves access to opportunities such as employment, healthcare, housing, family, community, travel, playing a full part in society with dignity.

  • Better health - access to education is linked to improved health and well-being and healthier behaviours such as exercise, diet and nutrition and less dependence on alcohol and drugs.

  • Status - access to education is linked to higher paying jobs, more resources for learning materials and experiences, safer neighbourhoods and better economic and financial outcomes.

  • Longevity - education provides better opportunities for access to healthcare, nutrition, employment and housing. which often means happier, healthier lifestyles and improved life expectancy than living below the poverty line.

  • Contributions to society - education provides opportunities for people to contribute to the economy and towards creating a happier, healthier society by way of giving back.

  • Breaking the cycle - there is no better way of breaking the intergenerational cycle of poverty than educating children and young people.

Our pilot program has further confirmed that educational inclusion pays off. With a relatively modest investment and your assistance, we can make a big difference.

The positive effects for you and society when you give:

There are financial and emotional benefits for you when you give, click below for more information.


  1. Reduce your taxable income.
  2. Take charge of where your taxes go.
  3. Make a HUGE difference to our young people.
  4. Gain tax benefits without the administrative hassle.
  5. Be rest assured the money is well spent.


  • Every child and young person should enjoy a safe and stable home, free from violence and neglect.
  • Your generosity and kindness enables us to change the lives of young people.
  • Your dollar goes further – we have expanded our care model to include young people who otherwise would be detained in custody.
  • Our voluntary Out of Home Care program ensures young people are kept in the community where possible.
  • Your donation goes towards ensuring that every young person has access to internet, computers, clothing, shoes, training needs, textbooks and other items that, without, the young people would face additional barriers to education and employment.
  • Our neighbourhood and community are better off when everybody takes responsibility for children who become homeless and for the factors which contribute to youth homelessness.

Choose to help us

The Burdekin Association's trauma-informed and client-centred educational program looks at the physiological, social, emotional and academic impacts of trauma and adversity on our young people.

Our Education Specialists are getting the most amazing results from our young people because they work collaboratively with them and their Case Manager understanding their stories in order to know how to support them.

By choosing to help us, young people in our care will receive a range of targeted education support including:

  • a safe space

  • a positive learning environment

  • presence and emotional availability

  • an evidence-based responsive approach

Engagement in our Learning Space is having a profound impact on our young people - please read more here.

school failure penalises a child for life

Help us ensure that our children and young people reach their full potential.

View our complete Proposal To Fund Two Education Specialists

Are we all accountable for young people in society?

We think so and we know that many of you feel the same way.
Please do your best to help support young local people through your donations, support and advocacy.