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On any given night we house over 100 young people in bedsits, one and two bedroom homes across the Northern Sydney region and Inner West Sydney. We provide case management support to ensure that these young people are equipped to develop the life skills they require to move into independence upon exit from our service.

We directly support a further 30-50 children, young people, and their families in any given month with the aim of preventing homelessness through intervention strategies that look to address the key risk factors that can result in homelessness, such as family breakdown, disengagement from education, mental illness and drug and alcohol abuse.

Our programs

Using innovative and industry-leading support practices we help guide young people aged 9-24 to fully functional adulthood.

Our programs are designed to improve mental health, build resilience, overcome anxiety and depression, increase employability, life and financial skills. We also provide counselling, outreach work and aftercare support.

Our success rate is high

Over 90% of the children and young people we work with completing education, securing work and moving home or to independence.

Disadvantaged students are on average 2-3 years behind in reading and maths by the time they are 15 years old.

The reading gap between the lowest socioeconomic students and the highest are equivalent to almost three years of schooling.

People with unmet literacy needs have low educational attainment, earn less income and are more likely to be unemployed.

With your help, we are changing this.

Recent Case Studies

95% of our young people are engaged in education or employment.


“Bridget” is 13 years old and a shy and withdrawn young lady who was not engaged at any educational institution. She participated in lessons in literacy, numeracy and other key learning areas at the learning space 5 days per week and expressed that she felt seen, safe, and supported whilst attending.  The teacher advocated for her to receive an individual education plan at her new school and an after-hours tutorship. “Bridget” is now attending school every day and feels supported in all aspects of her education.


Prior to engaging in the Learning Space “Kayla” 16 years old had disengaged from all education.  Now she actively participates in lessons at the learning space and her attendance is 100%.  The teacher has assisted “Kayla” in writing her resume and cover letters and she has applied for part time employment. She has also been supported to apply to TAFE as she wants to achieve her RoSA Certificate and has an interview in the coming weeks to commence in semester 2.

Burdekin Learning Space
Guiding young people into adulthood


Prior to attending the Learning Space "Estelle Howard" (not her real name) was not engaged in any education related activities. She attended 95% of scheduled engagement and did 5 days work experience at a Northern Beaches golf club. The superintendent there was so impressed that he has offered her an apprenticeship!


Prior to engaging in the Learning Space 'Antionette Zulah' (not her real name) had disengaged from education. She attended 100% of the time at the Learning Space and has been averaging 99% on all tasks she completes. For her HSC literacy and numeracy tests she achieved a Band 4, the highest band awarded..

Individual education plan
Targeted learning support(1)


Benjamin Gooding's (not his real name) attendance at the Learning Space increased three fold from 2020 to 2021. It is incredibly rewarding to witness his re-engagement with education, especially considering Benjamin had only attended school a handful of times beforehand.


Our Programs

An integrated approach to issues of housing, intervention and support of young people.

Prevention of Youth Homelessness

Prevention of Youth Homelessness

Our work includes outreach support aimed at preventing young people from entering the homelessness system for example through the Avalon Youth Hub.

We also undertake active brokerage, which is a short-term tool to help young people access opportunities to gain and maintain stable accommodation.  As part of the brokerage service young people can also receive intensive support in areas such as budgeting, health management and job search skills. 

In addition, we offer Rent Choice Youth.  Click here for eligibility criteria:


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