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Analysis of the 2022 Burdekin Client Feedback Survey provides an insight of how supported, safe and happy young people feel through our services.

The findings tell us about the level of support young people receive from their Case Manager, Youth and/or Support Worker. The feedback includes safety and privacy issues at home and in the community, ability to participate in decision making, overall happiness and suggestions about how to improve support provided.

Results were examined across the entire Burdekin cohort of young people as well as sorted by gender, by location and by cultural identity.

54 young people responded

The youngest was 13, oldest 28 and average age was 18.

  • Copy of Copy of Copy of 59%


    I feel supported and listened to by my Case Manager.

  • Copy of Copy of Copy of 59%(4)


    I am happy with the amount of time I have to see my Case Manager face-to-face.

  • Copy of Copy of Copy of 59%(3)


    What could your Case Manager do to support you further?

  • Copy of Copy of Copy of 59%(5)


    I feel supported and listened to by my Youth/Support Workers.

  • Copy of Copy of Copy of 59%(6)


    What could your Youth/ Support Workers do to support you further?

I feel supported


Anything more?

Nothing at the moment. I feel that my case worker has done everything she can and that nothing else is needed.

My [Case manager] is amazing and always goes above and beyond.

Keep in contact.

Always reach out.

More regular checkups.

2021 - 2022 results


Good news!

In 2022 87% of young people reported that they either always or mostly felt supported and listened to by their Case Manager compared with 77% the previous year.

In 2022 83% of young people reported that they either always or mostly felt supported and listened to by their Youth/Support Worker compared with 65% in 2021.

There has been a positive improvement in the amount of face-to-face contact between clients and their case manager. From 2021 to 2022, there was a 15% increase in clients reporting they receive ‘enough’ contact.

15% improvement on last year!

Life skills

Almost all Burdekin clients reported knowing how to how to do laundry (98%), cooking (84%) and cleaning (88%).

I do know how to...

  • Copy of Copy of Copy of 59%(20)

    Do laundry

    I know how to do my own laundry.

  • Copy of Copy of Copy of 59%(26)


    I know how to cook for myself.

  • Copy of Copy of Copy of 59%(27)


    I know how to keep my space clean.

  • Copy of Copy of Copy of 59%(28)


    I know how to budget and manage money.

  • Copy of Copy of Copy of 59%(29)

    Access healthcare

    I know how to access healthcare services if I need it.

  • Copy of Copy of Copy of 59%(30)

    Access services

    I know how to contact community support organisations.


I have good physical health.

28% strongly agree

Roughly a quarter (28%) of young people strongly agreed that they had good physical health, and 45% agreed. A quarter were unsure.

I have good mental health.

14% strongly agree

14% of Burdekin clients strongly agreed and 44% agreed they had good mental health. 22% said neither, 14% disagreed and 7% strongly disagreed.

I feel like I can cope with difficult challenges

30% strongly agree

30% of Burdekin clients strongly agreed and 43% agreed they feel resilient i.e., I feel like I can cope with difficult challenges.


Overall, young people appear to be happy with the support they receive from Burdekin. 


On a scale of 1 (not happy at all) to 10 (extremely happy), the most common response was ‘10’ from 1/3 of Burdekin clients. Results ranged from 1 -10.

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What we are doing is working! 

With your help, we will continue to grow together with the community
to prevent family breakdown, homelessness as well as building resilience within the community.

Final thoughts and


Anything more?

At the conclusion of the survey, clients were given the opportunity to provide any final comments or make suggestions regarding anything Burdekin can do to provide extra support.

Many young people suggested wanting the ability to do things independently, and for greater participation in decisions about their support and care. That is, support should be tailored around the needs and capabilities of each individual client. For example:

"Give kids a chance to be able to choose where they live."

"Acknowledging that we all do not have to have the same rules, depending on responsibility and the situation."

"Let me do things alone, let me get public transport alone”.

"There isn't really anything else that Burdekin could do to support me further, you guys are really nice and the best. I really appreciate everyone from Burdekin."

What we are doing is working! 


We acknowledge the Aboriginal people of the Cadigal and Gayamaygal Clans. We acknowledge the Country on which we live, work, and gather as being Aboriginal land.

We acknowledge the lands, waterways and skies that are connected to Aboriginal people. We honour them and pay our deepest respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.

We respect their rightful place within our communities, and we value their ancient cultural knowledge and practices.

Aboriginal Flag
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We deeply respect that this will always be Aboriginal land and we will honour and follow the first peoples’ values in caring for the Country and for preserving their culture.

We deeply value that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are the oldest living culture in the world and we will continue to work with their peoples and communities to ensure their cultures endure and remain strong.