Christmas 2020 Appeal – Youth Support Fund


Young people experiencing homelessness are just like us. They have aspirations for a better life. The emotional, social and practical benefits of receiving Youth Support Fund support is clearly evident.

See what the Burdekin Youth Support Fund is.

The Burdekin Association Inner West and Northern Sydney
A small donation can go a long way

Dependence becomes independence

In order for young people experiencing homelessness to gain independence and self-sufficiency, we need to focus on inclusion and challenge traditional stereotypes like: ‘why should they have (a mobile phone, new clothes, access to the internet, driving lessons) if they’re in receipt of benefits.’ Why shouldn’t they?

Who is at fault?

We shouldn’t blame children and young people for being in state care, for a lack of affordable housing, the loss of a job, family breakdown, illness, substance abuse and abuse or neglect. We should invest all our efforts into supporting them.

Exclusion becomes inclusion

Limited financial support can mean exclusion from education and employment related things like the internet, books, stationery, school clothes/uniforms, shoes, transport; from social activities like birthdays, recreation and sports classes, from health related things like eye glasses, hearing aids and assessments and the list goes on. With targeted support from the Youth Support Fund our young people set out on the right path.

Take a look at the Burdekin Youth Support Fund and see if you can donate today.

We provide youth accommodation and support in Sydney
Without access to the internet it is difficult or impossible to study, find work and stay in touch.

Inclusion works

We want to enable young people to be independent and successful, whatever that means for them, access to education and training, life and financial skills, someone to believe in them and opportunities to thrive.

  • Our outcomes for young people are significantly above the state average in areas of educational achievement, transition to independence, secure housing, increase in family contact as well as an improved mental well-being.
  • Our rates of young people entering stable accommodation, or out of the welfare system, is a complimentary 67.2% compared to the NSW state average of 24.81%.
  • Upon exiting our youth housing program 80% of clients leave the welfare system or enter stable housing.
  • Of our young people 95% are engaged in education or employment when leaving our Out Of Home Care program.
  • We have supported 3,140 young people and their families over 10 years.

‘The total cost to the Australian economy of additional health and justice services for homeless young people aged 12-24 is estimated at $747 million annually. These costs do not include additional lifetime impact of early school leaving and low engagement with employment.’

Based on current research, the estimated lifetime savings are up to 26 times the amount invested up-front in our preventative work.

We work with families and young people who are in crisis and need support
Young people can ask us for money for items that are important to them.

What we would like from you

We appreciate any help you can offer. A single donation, a regular monthly donation or workplace giving with co-workers, friends and family are all options. Take a look at the Burdekin Youth Support Fund and donate today if you can.

$1,500 pays for a fridge and washing machine for a young person in need

$2,500 pays for furniture & white goods to fit out one flat for our young people

$5,000 contributes to University fees and textbooks for one young person