Building an Emotionally Healthy Community Together


We appreciate the support received from independent individuals, representatives of business, government at all levels, civic society and other organisations over the years to help local youth. Without this support, we couldn’t have provided the services in the particular way we do and want to.

Many young people would have slipped through the cracks and would not be thriving today. But, many of you DID come to the rescue and the majority of our young people ARE thriving – so HUGE thanks to you!

Avalon Youth Hub

Avalon Youth Hub Needs Your Support

This year we would like to ask you to dedicate your end of tax year donation to one of our latest initiatives, the newly established Avalon Youth Hub.

As the lead agency of the Avalon Youth Hub we are asking for much needed funds to strengthen this new service and ensure its longevity.

Can You help?

The Avalon Youth Hub facilitates access to available youth mental health information and services on topics such as:

Stress & anxiety, loneliness & isolation, loss & grief, depression, homelessness, career & life guidance, relationships, drug & alcohol, self harm, family breakdown, domestic violence, bullying, LGBT, suicide and sexual health.

Read more about Avalon Youth Hub.

In addition to paying online, you can also phone Kellie Pethybridge on: 02 8976 1777
and provide payment details over the phone.

Why is Avalon Youth Hub needed?

Did you know?

  • 1 in 4 young people experience mental health issues?
  • That mental health rated as the top concern for young people in the Mission Australia Survey?
  • That 20% of young people are disengaged from school?
  • That 1/3 of Australian youth have no job or are unemployed?
  • 36,000 young people in Australia are homeless?
    1 in 4 children are exposed to domestic violence?

Prevention is better than cure

Research shows that early intervention is a critical part of the prevention of mental health issues, all money raised will:

  • Help us to provide information to our youth.
  • Help us to connect with youth in our community through the youth outreach service.
  • Run groups, workshops and programs out of the Youth Hub according to the needs and requests of the community through our wraparound services and support.
  • Provide the Avalon Youth Hub team, space, website and resources including after hours support and case management.
  • Link in with our referral service providers.
Australian Youth Homelessness

Please support our work!

Please donate and make donations payable to the Burdekin Association but please tag as an Avalon Youth Hub contribution.

We are excited about this service on the Northern Beaches, there is a lot of work to do and we are  heartened by the overwhelmingly positive response so far. We hope your generosity will extend to our new Avalon Youth Hub.

In addition to paying online, you can also phone Kellie Pethybridge on: 02 8976 1777
and provide payment details over the phone.

Help us to raise money because...

Everyone should have easy access to services when they need it including the Pittwater area;

The mental well-being of our young people is important to us all;

We want to support the community to support their community.

How to cope when a loved one dies
Mental Health Infographic

In addition to paying online, you can also phone Kellie Pethybridge on: 02 8976 1777
and provide payment details over the phone.

We acknowledge the Aboriginal people of the Cadigal and Gayamaygal Clans. We acknowledge the Country on which we live, work, and gather as being Aboriginal land.

We acknowledge the lands, waterways and skies that are connected to Aboriginal people. We honour them and pay our deepest respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.

We respect their rightful place within our communities, and we value their ancient cultural knowledge and practices.

Aboriginal Flag
Torres Straight Island Flag

We deeply respect that this will always be Aboriginal land and we will honour and follow the first peoples’ values in caring for the Country and for preserving their culture.

We deeply value that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are the oldest living culture in the world and we will continue to work with their peoples and communities to ensure their cultures endure and remain strong.