Hello everyone. I am Anna. My teenage years were years full of stability, safety, security and a nurturing environment. I remained at the same school, completed my HSC, travelled to Lismore for University and completed a double degree, all with the support of the Burdekin Association. I realise how fortunate I was to have such a stable upbringing given the fact I was homeless. I am one of the lucky ones. To be part of Burdekin was like being a part of a bigger family. Many years after formally leaving their support I still drop in and I know they still are there for me.

Since leaving Burdekin I have travelled Europe and taught in a school in Oxford. I now teach at a school on the beaches and contact Burdekin to help me support the kids I teach. I also now collaborate with Burdekin on a project called the Northern Beaches Project which is aimed at identifying young people at risk. The education system and support services are collaborating to make sure kids in need get help early and can be assisted to stay at home or helped to be moved if they are deemed to be in danger.

The Burdekin Association is so much a part of this community and it is fantastic that the community is supporting kids like me to have the most normal upbringing possible with access to services and materials that we need to succeed.

I don’t like to ponder what my life could have been like if I had not ended up at Burdekin.

Thank you.